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So THIS Is Fitness | Health, Fitness, Running & Weight Loss

Health, fitness, running, weight loss... it doesn't have to be hard! Take it from a guy who's been there and "gets it" - your host, Darrell McTague. Having lost 130 lbs and finished ULTRAmarathons, he's learned it all the hard way so you don't have to.

Mar 2, 2017

I feel like I've recommended this before...


...But sometimes you've just gotta CELEBRATE a victory, right? Well that's... Largely... What today's about! Marathon #7 complete! And a new Personal best to boot! Plus...A day in the life! And, well, this episode is the beginning of some new stuff for the podcast!


Join Darrell and Megan for:

  • The big Marathon #7 finish
  • Hyannis Marathon, and how it went
  • The importance of self-massage
  • That final boost
  • New stuff!
  • Girl Scout Cookies


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