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Health, fitness, running, weight loss... it doesn't have to be hard! Take it from a guy who's been there and "gets it" - your host, Darrell McTague. Having lost 130 lbs and finished ULTRAmarathons, he's learned it all the hard way so you don't have to.

Dec 1, 2017

So, you wanna run a marathon, huh?

There's a lot of questions to answer when you're getting ready to take on your first marathon or half-marathon. Fortunately, many people have come before you and had the same questions you undoubtedly now are asking. Well, friends - no need to reinvent the wheel here - let's answer some of those questions and get you ready for your next big achievement!

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Some of you are ready, some of you are not.

I primarily mean that in terms of attitude, but I suppose it also applies in terms of skill and ability. If you're not sure that you're ready to take on your first marathon or half... THAT'S OK! There's probably a lot of pros and cons you're weighing in your efforts to make the decision. I'm hoping that the questions and answers in this episode will help. For those of you who are totally ready to take the plunge, well, you're gonna need some info and some prep, friend. After all, you don't just run into battle in your undies, right? NO! Of course not! You suit up, get battle ready, and charge into the fray with a plan.

So, here we are, in the planning stages.

What you'll hear in this episode is a recording of a q & a session I held at Anytime Fitness Attleboro (the club I coach out of). The people who are attending submitted the questions asked and asked some more during the recording. All of these people are regular Joe's and Jane's just like you. And like you... they're either considering or already committed to running their first full or half marathon. 

Yes, they are bravely ready to dive in.

They'll be taking on the Providence Marathon & Half with me on May 6th, 2018... and I couldn't be prouder or more excited for them! They're going to learn a lot about themselves and what they're really capable of both throughout the process and when it's all said and done. So, like them, I encourage you to be brave, get prepared, and take on YOUR next challenge. I hope this episode helps... and if you've got questions I didn't answer in this episode... email them to me!

What's in this episode:

  • Recording of a Q & A at Anytime Fitness Attleboro
  • Topics covered - 
    • Distance, Progression, Training Plan & Technique
    • Injury Prevention, Pain & Soreness
    • Running, Fat Loss, & Muscle Gain
    • Race Day Gear, Hydratino & Fuel

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