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Mar 16, 2018

"Motivate me!"

I've been seeing a lot of posts online where people ask others to motivate them. I don't think they truly understand where health and fitness motivation realy comes from...

Motivation - it's what moves us.

I'm truly baffled by these posts I've been seeing on the many Facebook groups I'm a part of. People go on there, say they're not feeling it and can't get their rear in gear, and ask others to "motivate" them to get it done and go work out. I simply can't understand this. When they ask their post is, of course, flooded with positive comments encouraging to go tend to their fitness needs and desires - but is that enough? Does that, in and of itself, truly get these people up and out the door to put in a solid session at the gym? Is that really all it takes?

It makes me wonder... "why?".

Honestly, when we're talking about motivation in a fitness context, we have to think about the "why". "Why" are you doing this? "Why" are you working on health and fitness, and what are your goals? I say this because to truly understand how to motivate someone to do a thing, you have to understand what motivation really is. And once you understand THAT, you can begin to understand where it comes from.

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What's in this episode:

  • A progress update on my (and FitWife Megan's) renewed fitness journey
  • A little clarification on how to eat enough... and how NOT to eat too little
  • We get a little personal talking about where to find the motivation to "do it".

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