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Mar 24, 2018

Just a little boost...

Sometimes, even though we're motivated, we need a little kick-start - a boost - to help fitness happen. So we seek out a pre-workout, an energy drink, coffee, or some other caffeine source. But should we?

I WANT to... but I'm so tired...

I am all about fitness - it's just a thing I do. It's who I am. I run, I lift, I do fitness. I help others do fitness. And I absolutely, positively, LOVE it. That said... I don't just spring out of bed at 4 am in workout clothes ready to conquer the day. My love of the game isn't enough... so sometimes (read: every day) I seek out a little something extra. A boost. Our good friend caffeine. People the world over do this at all times of day and for many reasons. We seek out coffee, energy drinks, even caffineated products like gum or straight-up caffeine pills. When you gotta do it... you gotta do it, right?

We do this in the fitness world, too.

When the product is for fitness, though, it's not just a caffeinated beverage... it's a pre-workout. Granted, these pre-workouts are, indeed, a bit of a different animal - they have more and varied ingredients and achieve effects above and beyond simply waking us up. We do, however, have to be very conscious of what, exactly those ingredients are and how they'll affect us.

This is something we should be very conscious of in general.

We've all seen the headlines and news stories telling us energy drinks are bad for our health. Honestly, the news reports aren't wrong, but I'm pleased to report it's not the caffeine that's the devil in that detail. And further good news - there's ways to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak, with the "energy drink" thing. So, let's take some time today to talk about that boost we need, how we get it, and how we should get it.

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What's in this episode:

  • An epic comeback
  • Alcohol and fitness
  • Enjoying your workout vs dealing with a chore
  • caffeine, coffee, preworkouts and energy drinks in fitness and life including
    • An overview of how they work, what they’re for, why people use them, and why maybe you shouldn’t.

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