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Health, fitness, running, weight loss... it doesn't have to be hard! Take it from a guy who's been there and "gets it" - your host, Darrell McTague. Having lost 130 lbs and finished ULTRAmarathons, he's learned it all the hard way so you don't have to.

Jul 27, 2018

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Whatever you're after, it's going to have its challenges. They say "if you want it bad enough you'll find a way". What happens, though, when you find you haven't been wanting it as bad as you thought?

My priorities have been off.

See - I was one of those people that THOUGHT he knew how bad he wanted a thing, and I thought I was prioritizing my life appropriately. But after falling behind in my running and overall fitness for quite some time, and finally going 4 weeks without posting a new podcast episode, well - I realized where I was really at.

And where I found myself... was a place that was ALMOST right.

While I wasn't nailing it with health & fitness, I was giving attention to the other areas of my life that had been neglected in pursuit of my goals. And now, seeing where things have gone, I think I understand what needs to be done. I think I see how to make it ALL work. And maybe I can help YOU figure it out too.

For the full blog post and show notes visit the blog here.

What's in this episode: 

  • We talk about where I’ve been, why the hiatus, and what comes next
  • Enjoying life and getting the most out of things
  • And the age-old saying - if you want it bad enough… you’ll find a way.

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