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Aug 22, 2018

Another tragedy we didn't need.

Some news hit yesterday that rocked a small town, and runners everywhere, to their core. Who is Mollie Tibbetts, what happened, and how do we move forward... and stay safe?

There are few things worse than a life cut short.

Mollie Tibbetts was by all accounts a wonderful person. She was 20 years old, enjoying summer break before Junior year at U of Iowa, and staying healthy. She had big dreams, a great attitude, and was well-liked - kind of what you hope your own daughter would be like. And then, one evening run changed everything.

The scary part is - it could be any of us.

Unfortunately, Mollie's story is not the first one like it, and will probably not be the last. The best thing we can do is be as prepared, safe, and aware as possible as we go about our day and our running. It's sad that we have to think this way, and sad that I feel compelled to say it, but here we are. So who IS Mollie Tibbetts? What happened? And how do we move forward - what do we do now?

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What's in this episode: 

  • We talk about Mollie Tibbets, including:
    • Who she is
    • What happened
    • Thoughts on this tragedy
    • Tips for increased runner safety
    • And some thoughts on "what now?"

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