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Health, fitness, running, weight loss... it doesn't have to be hard! Take it from a guy who's been there and "gets it" - your host, Darrell McTague. Having lost 130 lbs and finished ULTRAmarathons, he's learned it all the hard way so you don't have to.

Sep 25, 2018

Yes, I know.

You were probably expecting this upload to be Episode 100, weren't you? Well - it's not. Instead, I'm here to tell you WHY, a hint of what's coming, and a special preview of our special something else.

If you haven't heard of Living In Stride yet, it's about damn time you did :) And once Episode 100 drops, well - hopefully you'll think it was worth the wait! ;) 

(Disclosure - this post may contain affiliate links. Price is the same, & a portion of the sale supports this site & podcast.Yay! All opinions are my own, never bought or sold.)

On This Episode:

  • Where's Episode 100?!
  • What's the hold-up?
  • A preview of Living In Stride

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