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Health, fitness, running, weight loss... it doesn't have to be hard! Take it from a guy who's been there and "gets it" - your host, Darrell McTague. Having lost 130 lbs and finished ULTRAmarathons, he's learned it all the hard way so you don't have to.

Mar 30, 2017

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Habits are hard to break... but it CAN be done.

After much pondering, it dawns on me that despite having everything you need to achieve success... it is possible to not even make it out the gate. You can have attainable goals. You can have a plan in place. You can have support systems and you can have the tools themselves necessary to complete the task... but in the end... none of that may matter. Why?

Old habits may be holding you back.

The thing that keeps you from getting out of bed early to do your workout... The thing that keeps you from stopping at the gym on your way home... it might just be an old, ingrained habit... a tendency from days gone by... that you simply can't break out of yet. Let's have a chat about habits... and how maybe... we might have the key to the lock. We might have the solution to breaking it and getting you to the promised land. Forewarning: it's going to involve work, trusting yourself (and me)... and a lot of time. Buckle up, kids.

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What's in this episode:

  • Old habits die hard...
  • Megan joins us! And talks... being Superwoman...
  • How to make a change
    • Overarching principles governing this thing
    • start small - baby steps
    • how to initiate this new habit
    • celebration & reward
    • attitude
    • do not deviate from the plan

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